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Introducing The Adventures of Kung Fu Robot: How to Make a Peanut Butter, Jelly and Kung Fu Sandwich, a new middle-grade graphic novel from Andrews McMeel Publishing and AMP! Comics for Kids based on the best-selling app from Kid Rocket Studios.

Follow the adventures of international machine of mystery Kung Fu Robot and his sidekick, Marvin, as they battle evil arch nemesis Kung Pow Chicken: a robotically-enhanced, foul fowl bent on destroying the city's peanut butter and jelly supply.

There’s so much action, it can't be contained on the page—it leaps onto mobile screens with an interactive companion app for a radical, innovative reading experience.

The Adventures of Kung Fu Robot blends a nine-foot-tall, kung-fu-loving robot, a conscientious 9-year-old boy with an aversion to getting in trouble, android ninjas, a crazy chicken bent on world domination, and the pursuit for the perfect PB&J into an engaging adventure for ages 8-12.

Join Kung Fu Robot and Marvin as they save the day...and their lunches!