What the kung fu?


Android ninjas? Chunky peanut butter-busting nunchuks? Sinister plots hatched to foil fun for kids everywhere? Sounds like another awesome adventure for international machine of mystery KUNG FU ROBOT and his sidekick, MARVIN. Follow their epic showdown with the EVIL KUNG POW CHICKEN, a robotically enhanced arch nemesis and foul fowl bent on destroying the city's peanut butter and jelly supply. Downloaded over 500,000 times worldwide, Kung Fu Robot is now available as a full-length graphic novel!


The reviews are in...

It’s marvelous: an ‘interactive comic book, designed to engage young readers.’
— Stuart Dredge / AppsPlayground.com
With its vibrant graphics, this interactive comic book will wow the bigger kids.
— Chrisanne Grise / Parents Magazine
Totally appropriate for even my almost-6 year old daughter.
— Heather Hetler / SmartAppsForKids.com
Further proof that reading can be just as fun as playing.
— Jordan Minor / 148apps.com
Children will be enthralled by the battle to create the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
— Carisa Kluver / DigitalStorytime.com
Blown away by the original artwork and unique storyline.
— Emily Alphin / iPadKids.com