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Kung Fu Robot

He’s the Unicycle Champion of the 3rd Northern District, the world record holder for “ice cream sandwiches eaten in one sitting,” the reigning champion of continuous nunchucking and once won a bronze medal for simultaneous stomach rubbing and head patting. Download the interactive kid's comic app that started it all and meet KUNG FU ROBOT! 


Pocket Kung Fu Robot

Saving days... ending reigns of terror... being awesome... superheroic silliness and protecting stuff that’s cool... it's all in a day's work for Kung Fu Robot. Now you can launch your own imaginary adventures with Kung Fu Robot and his conscientious sidekick Marvin with this pocket-sized soundboard app packed with aural awesomeness. 

¡Kung Fu Robot!

Él es el Campeón de Uniciclos del 3er Distrito del Norte, el ganador del record mundial de “el comedor de más sándwiches de helados en una sentada,” el campeón de varios torneos de nunchuck y una vez ganador de medalla de bronce en un torneo de frota tu estómago y dale palmadas a tu cabeza simultáneamente. ¡Conoce a KUNG FU ROBOT!